Aside from being known for her playful approach to most things, buzzing about London, generally high on life (and sometimes caffeine…), Holly is on a mission – to help people be healthier, happier versions of themselves, from the inside out. Coming from a dance background and having worked as a fitness instructor for seven years, Holly soon found herself frustrated with the industry’s relentless focus on the exterior, and lack of emphasis or awareness of inner happiness, connection and self-love. She found herself constantly asking – how can people expect anything in their outside world to change without making changes on the inside first? And then she found yoga. After going through a difficult time and having to peel back some layers on a journey of self-inquiry, Holly followed an inward pull and decided to train as a yoga teacher with The Yoga People in January 2016; not really knowing where it would lead to. Holly is also training as a holistic healer and coach to deepen her knowledge and experience of all things ‘woo’, but despite the odd crystal round her neck (mostly admittedly for aesthetic satisfaction) and the occasional reference to the universe, she generally considers herself to be pretty grounded, relatable… And just the right amount of weird.

Music plays a massive role in Holly’s life (fun fact – she was in a girl band for three years!), so you’ll always find yourself moving and breathing to an awesome soundtrack in her classes. (Very non-reminiscent of anything remotely girl-bandy.) If you’d like to come along to a class in Brixton for FREE, follow the link to book on:


(See Class Schedule for more info.)

Love, light and positive vibes x

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