My Hypnotherapy Experience

As some of you know, I’m currently enrolled on a Holistic Healing and Coaching diploma in London, which so far has been absolutely incredible. Over the last few months I’ve studied Emotional Awareness, Relationships, Chi Kung (a gentle and healing martial-art inspired practice which I brought a little piece of to my yoga classes) and last weekend, Hypnotherapy. Before booking onto the course I remember looking at the syllabus feeling excited but nervous and a little out of my depth, but I felt such a strong pull to do it that I had to go with it. And all I know is that I feel at home every time I’m there, surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals who don’t look at you like you’ve just tried to lick your elbow when you talk about chakras and crystals…

So I thought I’d write a short blog about the weekend just gone. I wasn’t sure what to expect on this module as I’d never been hypnotised or heard too much about it, so I was really excited when Blue, our teacher (LOVE that our teacher is called Blue by the way), opened the day by telling us he was going to perform a group Hypnotherapy session. Yes! (And the phrase ‘look into my eyyyyyyyes’ did not once feature, I’m sorry to say.)

Blue asked us to close our eyes and relax. He led us through what felt like a sort of guided meditation, using the imagery of a bright white light melting down over our bodies from head to toe, before we walked through a door and down some steps, at which point he began to count from one to ten. I could feel myself sinking deeper and deeper into a state of complete relaxation. I have to admit, I didn’t think I would be able to let myself go in a room full of 26 other students, and I don’t know if I really believed anyone could send me into any kind of trance! But as the Hypnotherapy continued, as my whole body became really heavy and tingly, I realised that I didn’t know where I was anymore, but on some conscious level I decided to trust and continue to follow Blue’s voice as he repeated some positive affirmations to us. ‘You are enough. You are worthy. You are strong.’ He told us afterwards that repeating affirmations in a relaxed state is really effective in rewiring the subconscious mind and programming it to react differently when back in the ‘real world’. At the end of what felt like five minutes (but apparently was closer to twenty), Blue counted from one to five and brought everyone back into the room. I found that I was so at peace I didn’t want to open my eyes! An amazing experience.


Hypnotherapy is a way of literally tapping into or speaking to the subconscious mind whilst in a deeply relaxed state or trance, re-jiggling some wires that have tripped us up in our daily lives, causing addictions, phobias, or negative core beliefs, and setting us on the path to recovery. I still think it’s crazy how our subconscious mind holds around 90% more wisdom than our conscious minds – there’s a lot of shit going on down there, and sometimes we need help shovelling it out!

I enrolled on the course with the forward vision of eventually being able to help and heal others, but the most important thing I’ve taken from it so far is that you can’t do that until you learn to heal yourself. I’m going on a real journey with it and I’ll continue to share my experiences, even if I don’t quite know where I’m heading with it! But this is the thing – I think we spend so much time and energy trying to work out the direction of our life, where it’s leading to, what’s going to happen… But all we can do is act on our gut instincts, listen to our intuition and trust that it’s guiding us safely forward.


My next module in October is called ‘Soul Plan’ – all to do with finding your life purpose – so guinea pigs, make yourselves known!

Have a great week x





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