“Feeling amazingly energised and peaceful after Holly’s yoga class – follow her – you won’t want to miss out on this!’ Olivia

“Today  wasn’t a great day for me – I wanted to kill everyone around me! But after your class I came back happy and with a clear mind! I really enjoyed it! You made me reconsider yoga!” Gabriella

“Holly’s recently started rooftop yoga at our office and she’s brilliant. We’ve all really loved her classes – she’s great at figuring out the best level to suit everyone, the pace and variety of positions is perfect, and she has a lovely sunny demeanour. Really looking forward to the next one!” Kate

“Great lunchtime yoga class at Houzz – challenging and relaxing at the same time. Magic! Thanks Holly” Victoria

“Can’t recommend this little yogi enough – my new weekly yoga session is one of my favourite times of the week! It feels like a workout but is also relaxing and reinvigorating, plus the encouragement and support helps me feel like I’m becoming a proper little yoga bunny despite being pretty much a beginner! Finally, the head massage and edible treat at the end of the class is just an added bonus 😉 If you’re in the SW London area can’t recommend this one enough – without a doubt the best yoga class I’ve attended!” Sonia